What is ESS?

An entire week dedicated to Mobile Development and Mobile Graphic Design with lectures by top expertise speakers, working sessions, and much more activities… Are you brave enough to risk spending a week in summer LEARNING?

You will have the opportunity to attend a high quality academic event combined with the awesome EESTEC Spirit. You will get in touch with top expertise speakers and participants. What are you waiting for? Apply now!

The Summer School will have two main topics: “Mobile and Open Data”. We will have two parrallel tracks, one for graphic design and one fordevelopment. In addition there will be a common schedule, to let you do some team work on innovative and constructive challenges. There will be a competition among the teams and the winners will of course be awarded! We will work hard, but we will have fun too! No worries about this…remember you are coming to Italy!

EESTEC Summer School is free!

Where and When?

22 – 28 July 2013

  • University of Trieste: Piazzale Europa 1 – 34127, Trieste – Buildings C1 (Faculty of Engineering)
  • ERDISU’s Residence E3: Via Fabio Severo, 154, Casa dello Studente E3 – 34127, Trieste.

Map of the University Campus

The green and orange dots mark the bus stops. Student House is represented by the buildings in plan E3 and E4.

Survival guide and more information

Please, check more information here

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Dettagli e informazioni per la ricerca dell’alloggio a Trieste (Italian participants)

Cari partecipanti, qui di seguito troverete alcuni documenti che vi potranno essere utili per la ricerca dell’alloggio durante la settimana:
– una lista di possibili alloggi a cui potete rivolgervi
– una mappa che li visualizza tutti, e dove sono presenti anche le principali linee di autobus necessarie per raggiungere l’università.
– una cartina con i parcheggi (segnati in rosso) davanti al Piazzale dell’Università