An international event about cooking in Trieste

For the first time, our LC is organizing an exchange entirely dedicated to the Italian cuisine, so join us for an experience you won’t possibly live anywhere else. The event isn’t just about food, italian or otherwise: it is about what you will prepare, assisted by us and chefs. A whole heap of games, activities and competitions will make discovering and cooking the most notorious italian dishes and other local specialties into an unforgettable adventure that you’ll be able to take home with you and surprise your friends with. That’s not all though: for the International Night, you’ll be the chef and cook a whole dish from your land or imagination for everyone to enjoy. You’d better start looking at those recipes of yours… or ask grandma! ;)

…but not only cooking

But that’s not all! Enjoy your staying in a spacious hostel in the outskirts of Trieste, on the Karst plateau, a unique natural environment that gives the name to many geological and natural phenomena across the world. Take a look at the wonderful and sometimes dazzling landscape, visit Trieste and its variety of architectural styles and landmarks, ranging from the solemn neo-classical palaces of the 19th century to the beautiful and ancient romanic of the castle and basilica. Swim and revel in the sun on our long, rocky coastline, or grab your hiking boots and have a stroll on roads and paths completely surrounded by nature.

Expect some competitions

Don’t take it too easy though. Once you get here, be ready to arm yourself with ladle and cooking pot, for you’ll be tested in a preliminary round of cooking. If you’re lucky and skilled enough, you’ll stay and learn the ways of a true EESTEChef; otherwise…

Nah, just kidding! No prior knowledge is required; just good will and passion for cooking and having fun :)

When and where?

From Saturday 22/08/2015 to Friday 28/08/2015 at the Scout Hostel Alpe Adria at Campo Sacro, a few kilometers outside of Trieste, Italy.

The Welcome banquet and the Icebreaking games will be on Friday 25/07/2014 evening, so all the participants are asked to be here the 25th evening. The departures will take place the day after the event. Each of those two night are included in the event and already paid for the international participants.

Can I sign up for this event?

Basically yes, if you are a student.

This is an EESTEC exchange event (more info about EESTEC in english and italian) and all you need to know is:

  • 10 participants are EESTEC member from various european countries, often called international participants
  • 10 participants are non-EESTEC members from our local university or from anywhere near, often called local participants
  • therefore the whole event will be held in english. If your english is not that good, don’t worry – it’s a great opportunity to improve it by meeting new people!
  • There is no other knowledge required, except having fun :)
  • participants must be students of any university
  • there is a participation fee of 90 € to be paid locally at the beginning of the event

How do I get there?

Some information on how to reach Trieste form other countries is available on the dedicated page. After that, check the page about reaching the hostel from the province of Trieste.

Local participants will have the chance to sleep in the hostel too, the price for it is included in the participation fee, also because the trasportation to/from the hostel must be self-managed and is not included in the fee.

If you still have some questions, feel free to write us to or

Application forms

International, EESTEC participants

Application via until 21 July 2015 at 23:59

Local, non-EESTEC participants

Application via Google Form until 19 July 2015 at 23:59

Check out the official Facebook event too!

Any any any questions?

Let us know by writing an e-mail to or